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Collective Intelligence

Who is Collective Intelligence program for?

Any team or group needing to reinforce their collective intelligence to achieve each individual’s goal as well as their shared goal. These programs are made to order for people working in national and international environments, face to face or remotely.


  • The team or group wishes to create a shared dynamic and way of working that allow them to succeed in their projects together

  • The organization wishes to enable stronger connections between the different people and open up new possibilities


  • Share a common vision and values

  • Officially “kick off” in a formal but casual way a new activity, entity or project

  • Learn to collaborate and reduce tension to resolve difficulties more effectively

  • Renew energy and desire

  • Facilitate sharing and rebuild confidence within the group

  • Improve the way of working together

  • Assist change in the organization, processes etc. 

  • Advance more quickly on a specific project or topic
    (The deliverables and indicators are made to order)

The program includes 3 dimensions:

  • The strategic dimension (sense and direction)

  • The relational dimension (understand others, forge bonds)

  • The operational dimension (awareness of the way of being and working)

This Collective Intelligence program looks at the behaviors and way of working within the group in order to find other ways to do things to get better results. We enhance the emergence of a broader view. Taking into account different perspectives, the group or team is then able to explore and imagine new solutions.


Upon taking on a new role as General Counsel, managing the 20-strong International Legal Mancom, he decided to put together a seminar for the Executive Committee. The goal was to strengthen their bond by developing their collective intelligence, and to kick-start a major new project for the group.


Cosmetics sector
Two day program

"I was able to connect with my colleagues and it was fun."

"I can see where we're going and I feel safe."

"I got to know the others better and we shared."

"We're starting something important and I want it to continue."

"We made progress on our topic but, at one point,
I wasn't sure we'd get there. It was pretty amazing."

"Thank you for the seminar, which enabled me to get to know the other team members."

The General Counsel said:

"We have advanced and I am happy about that!"

"We were able to get past some major obstacles."

A.M. and his Management Committee

French in France

General Counsel

The Coach says

We co-develop with the Leader a program corresponding to their needs.

We offer two to ten day programs spread out over the year following the set objectives.

Our programs boost collective intelligence and creative energies serving common goals.

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