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Leadership & Vision

The part of the leader in ourselves enables us to imagine and create our desired future as well as guide others to a better world. We reinforce the capacity of the person to become the leader they want to be and accomplish their mission with more ease.

  • Bring a vision and sense to the team

  • Create a relationship and build confidence

  • Be more authentic and assertive

  • Speak publicly with ease and impact

  • Inspire and get others to want to follow 

  • Become part of a management committee

  • Take a step back, be calm, have better self-control

  • Clarify the stakes of the company and the different stakeholders

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Individual Coaching

Who can benefit from Individual Coaching?

Top Management, Middle Management, Line Management, Leaders and High-Potentials.


Why Individual Coaching?

Individual Coaching focuses on two main areas: developing relational, social and emotional intelligence and improving know-how in management, communication and leadership.

  • Coaching helps the person to better deal with important stakes, relational difficulties, management, communication or leadership challenges

  • It helps the company to develop their people enabling to have a more positive energy and improve the company's performance.











Leadership Vision
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Women Leaders

Women have an important role to play in finding the balance between certainty and questioning within organizations. We enable women to contribute fully utilizing all of the resources and multiple intelligences to generate a dynamic and fluid balance.

  • Succeed in taking on a position at a higher level

  • Confirm one's role within the management committee

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Convince and demonstrate one’s leadership

  • Set limits and say no more easily

  • Find a better balance between warmth and strength with others

  • Be more effective and get others to want to follow

Leader Femme
leader international.jpg

International Leader

Knowing how to work effectively with people of different cultures is not easy. The discovery of one’s way of being and that of others allows the person to collaborate and become more effective. We assist the person in discovering how to turn the differences into resources to respond to the stakes they face.

  • Create relationships and get others to follow

  • Adapt to other ways of working and being

  • Capitalize on the differences to enlarge learning and experiences

  • Get collaboration to emerge between the different stakeholders

  • Master the know-how and way of being to work remotely effectively

  • Develop fluid and effective communication with partners

  • Enhance a creative and innovative environment

  • Improve one’s relationship with one’s team and all of the multi-cultural stakeholders 

Leader International
manager efficace.jpg

Effective Manager

We are not born managers but we can become one! A good manager allows others to become better, to reinforce their self-confidence and to grow and dare to do new things. We assist managers to reinforce theirs strengths and become aware of their areas of development. A new balance is found, bringing joy to the manager and the team. 

  • Manage teams remotely

  • Better manage one’s time, energy and priorities

  • Give feed-back and recognition

  • Delegate and build a more effective team

  • Be a more strategic communicator

  • Federate the team around a common project

  • Reinforce team collaboration

  • Communicate what needs to be said with assertivity and manage conflict

  • Say no with ease

  • Identify and unite competencies

Manager Efficace

High Potentials

High potentials are a major challenge for companies as the aim is for them to become tomorrow's leaders. Our specific coaching programs allow these demanding profiles to go further faster. The resulting self-confidence makes it easier to manage priorities and strengthens their ability to listen, convince, give feedback and move forward.

  • Be a strategic communicator

  • Enlarge one’s network and build relationships

  • Develop impact and increase one’s influence

  • Improve one’s identity as an executive

  • Reinforce self-confidence and dare more 

Hauts Potentiel

Human Resources Leaders

Human Resources Leaders are actors or co-actors of the elaboration of the strategy and its deployment. They respond to the stakes and develop the organization by providing the means for the employees, professional development and well-being. We assist HR Leaders and the different members of the departments to promote a learning organization to build a better balance between performance and individual and collective needs, which boosts their confidence.

  • Confirm their role within the management committee 

  • Succeed in taking on a position at a higher level

  • Reinforce their situational intelligence

  • Increase their self-confidence

  • Deepen self-knowledge

  • Assert their position with conviction 

  • Anticipate evolving needs 

  • Set limits and say no

Leader RH
leader carrière.jpg

Leader's Career

Getting things to advance is great, but knowing why one does it is better! We assist the person to better understand who they are, reinforcing their understanding of others and their environment. This allows the person to make decisions more easily and develop their potential!

  • Clarify one’s reason for being

  • Build one’s future image

  • Identify one’s values

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Analyze and define one’s wishes for the future 

  • Identify one’s personality, competencies, aptitudes, qualities, behaviors and areas of development

Carrière du Leader
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