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Group Coaching

Who is Group Coaching for?

Any group needing to reinforce their collective intelligence to achieve their individual and shared goals. These programs are made to order for people working in national and international environments, face to face or remotely.


  • Groups that wish to create a collective dynamic and a way of working that allow them to succeed in their projects together

  • The organization wishes to provide support in opening up new possibilities and finding new solutions


  • Share a common vision and values

  • Officially “kick off” in a formal but casual way a new activity, entity or project

  • Learn to collaborate in order to reduce tension and resolve difficulties more effectively

  • Renew energy and desire

  • Facilitate sharing and rebuild confidence within the group

  • Improve the way of working together

  • Assist change in the organization, processes etc. 
    (The deliverables and indicators are made to order)

The program includes 3 dimensions:

  • The strategic dimension (sense and direction)

  • The relational dimension (understand others, forge bonds)

  • The operational dimension (awareness of the way of being and working)

Group vs Team: what is the difference?

A group is not necessarily a team. It is a group of people that have an occasional
or onetime project in common and need to work together to achieve the goal.


Whereas, a team is officially known as a team, with its own rules,
values and is long lasting while working on many different topics.


Ex. : a project group is a group, a finance department is represented by a finance team


We assisted the project manager in charge of the Digital Transformation to reflect, build, and facilitate the "World-wide Kick-off" event. It brought together sixty-five business unit managers and opinion leaders and put in motion a common goal and road map for the project.


Energy industry

"It was great to take a step back and understand the digital transformation right from the start"

"Now I have a better idea of what the group thinks, what is happening in the other entities of the group and I am beginning to understand what is expected of us"

"We were able to open up and share our points of view"

"It was fun, challenging and really concrete"

The program consisted in a big one-day event and several group sessions as well as individual sessions for the « ambassadors »

The Coach says

We co-develop a program corresponding
to the group’s needs with its leader or leaders


We offer two to ten day programs spread out
over the year following the set objectives


Our programs transform individual energies
into a collective synergy serving a common goal

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