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Who is this type of program for?

Any individual, group or team wanting to better understand themselves and others and strengthen their capacity to work together. These programs are made-to-order for people working in national and international environments, face to face or remotely.


The DISC model evaluates behavior and enables the person to improve their professional communication.

Thanks to the work of William Marston  4 behavioral dimensions have been identified.
The dimensions are represented by 4 different colors:

               DOMINANCE : How the person approaches difficulty and challenge

               INFLUENCE : How the person shares their ideas with others

                STEADYNESS : How the person responds to the rhythm of their environment

                CONSCIENCIOUS : How that person responds to rules and procedures

The DISC helps to understand one’s own behaviors and the behaviors of others, then create the conditions to communicate with others effectively


  • Understand motivations and needs of others

  • Identify their strengths and their profile at work (manage priorities, decision making, communication styles, collaboration style,
    stress management, dealing with change etc.)

  • Underline their areas of improvement

The program includes 3 dimensions:

  • The relational dimension (understanding oneself and others)

  • The communication dimension (know how to adapt to others)

  • The operational dimension (overcome professional difficulties)



We trained and coached first-line managers of the same company that wanted to improve working together
and better understand their roles and responsibilities as managers. Recently, the company had merged with another company of a different nationality and wanted to reinforce the managerial culture of the entity


Health sector

«  I have better understood how I function»

«  I want to test this tool. »

«  We are complementary. »

« We are all different, and our needs are too. »

« I need to adapt my communication to the other person to be heard»

« I have the tools to better communicate with others. »

A half day sequence inserted into a larger two day program

The Coach says

Our programs enable the team or group to be more  effective,
dynamic, positive and constructive


We offer individual programs for one and a half hours,
as well as group and team programs from half a day to one full day

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