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Team Coaching

Who is Team Coaching for?

Any team needing to reinforce its capacity to achieve its common goals. These programs are made to order for management teams and their teams, working in national and international environments, face to face or remotely.


  • The team desires to reinforce their relationship, share a vision and collaborate effectively and smoothly with the different members of the team and the other stakeholders

  • The organization wishes to invest in order to ensure the development of the team and its collective success and performance


  • Share the vision, the mission, the strategic objectives of the team

  • Clarify the desired results for each team member

  • Explicit the stakes for the different stakeholders

  • Improve the relationships and reinforce confidence

  • Renew motivation and commitment

  • Unlock topics that are important for the team
    (The deliverables and indicators are made to order)

This program includes 3 dimensions:

  • The strategic dimension (sense and direction)

  • The relational dimension (understand others, forge bonds)

  • The operational dimension (awareness of the way of being and working)

Group vs Team: what is the difference?

A group is not necessarily a team. It is a group of people that have an occasional
or onetime project in common and need to work together to achieve the goal.


Whereas, a team is officially known as a team, with its own rules,
values and is long lasting while working on many different topics.


Ex. : a project group is a group, a finance department is represented by a finance team


After a reorganization of the company, the Managing Director decided to offer the Management Committee a coaching program to develop their collective intelligence and find new ways of functioning that combine pleasure with efficiency.

 « An environment of trust was built, there were changes in habits, we are more open, and there are more conversations between us. »

 « This work helped us to become one team, to walk together. The message that we send is clear and it reassures others.
We have a strong Management team!»

« We were able to put in place specific moments to connect with each other and share, which created a real environment of trust, I feel that I am really part of the team and fully accept my role. I have no fear, I am positive and our speeches are coherent.»

 « We were able to become what we wanted to be, bring in a frame, explain the stakes, and clarify who we are. »

“There is a climate of trust that allows us to dare to say things! "

The Managing Director said:

« We have reached what we wanted to do together and I share more with the employees. There is a real team and our communication is easier. We were able to get past certain obstacles »

François V. and his Managing Committee

French in France

Managing Director


Health Sector:
Program of two one and a half days sessions, then four half days over a nine month period.

The Coach says

We co-develop with the Leader a program corresponding to their needs.


We offer two to ten day programs spread out over the year following the set objectives.


Our programs boost collective intelligence and creative energies serving common goals.

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