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CODEV - Collective Intelligence

Who is this program for?

Any group needing to reinforce their group intelligence to achieve their objectives. These programs are made-to-order for people working in national and international environments, face to face or remotely.


  • The wealth of knowledge, know-how and way of being that one finds inside of each organization is huge and very often underutilized

  • Studies have found that competency development often takes place through one person sharing best practices and experiences with their colleagues

  • We thus offer CODEV workshops to share practices and develop listening


  • Take a step back from specific professional situations

  • Learn to listen and share in order to resolve difficulties more effectively

  • Find new ideas and solutions

  • Integrate new practices

  • Enlarge knowledge of the different actors in the company

  • Experiment collective intelligence and improve professional effectiveness

The program includes 3 dimensions:

  • The relational dimension (capacity to open up and share)

  • The communication dimension (listening and questioning)

  • The operational dimension (advance on one’s difficulties)


Six people working for a global company specialized in energy management and automation.

All of the participants are situated in different parts of the world.


Program of seven sessions for one hour and thirty minutes during a period of eight months.

«  It is amazing how much you can learn from someone else’s difficulty… »

« There were ideas and solutions I simply had never thought of before. »

«  I realized that I have a hard time asking open questions. »

«  It is through collective intelligence that we can help each other. »

« I realized that I don't really know how to listen, but I am starting to do it and am starting to ask good questions. »

« I learned the importance of being empathic and being open to advance together. »

The Coach says

We co-develop a program corresponding
to the group’s needs with its leader or leaders


We offer one and a half hour sessions spread out
over a period of seven to eight months following the set objectives


Our programs transform individual energies
into a collective synergy serving a common goal

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