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Question 4 - How can I understand what I need to bring and what I need to let go of?

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The 6 major questions when taking on a new job and becoming a member of a management team

What are the competencies that enabled you to succeed so far? Which ones will you continue to use and which ones do you need to stop using? How is the new position different from your last one?

What we recognize fairly often is that people have a tendency of continuing to utilize the competencies that had made them successful in the past. The question is: are these the competencies that the new boss, peers and team members need from the person? In addition most of the manager-leaders that we see are quite strong at offering unsolicited solutions. This is fine if it is what the organization wants. 

Here are a few questions that can start your reflection :

- Are you observing, asking questions and spending time to analyze the situation before providing an answer?

- Who are the people in the organization that you need to build alliances with?

- What do the internal and external sources think of the situation?

- Have you identified the root of the difficulties?

The difficulties could be coming from organizational, cultural or technical aspects.

Once you have reflected on these questions, the next step is to evaluate your own strengths, competencies and areas of development. Adjusting to the needs of your organization will allow you to succeed in your new position.

We have a wealth of experience in working with first-line managers to top management in enabling them to feel comfortable in their new role. Thus we can help you with reinforcing your self-awareness and utilizing all of your unexplored potential.

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