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Question 5 – How can I bring both stability and change to the organization?

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The 6 major questions when taking on a new job and becoming a member of a management team

All organizations have a way of functioning which includes sharp processes and different codes. In dealing with change the question is: what needs to evolve, what should remain the same, and in which areas can you make a difference?

Without change you have stability or stagnation in the worst-case scenario. For people to be able to move forward they need a certain amount of stability, which allows for security. However, theory states that without change or evolution extinction would be the end result. 

Thus the survival of an organization depends on its capacity to adapt and change to a given environment. 

Here are a few questions to reflect on :

- What is it that we (as an organization) need to change?

- Is the organization used to change?

- When and how does the organization need to change?

- How will the people inside of the system feel about the change?

The most important challenge is getting people to accept the change.

4 phases are necessary to assist change: sharing information, explaining the why, experimenting what is new, and adopting the change.


A manager-leader’s role is to transform the organization to adapt it to the future context by bringing a vision. The change process enables the organization to achieve its goal and vision. Individual and team coaching focuses on the relational and cultural aspects of the organization and increases the buy-in from the main actors to achieve the goal faster and in an effective way.

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