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Question 6 - How do I manage my time and energy and produce concrete results?

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The 6 major questions when taking on a new job and becoming a member of a management team

One of the most important elements in achieving your goal is understanding what will be easy for you to do because it is one of your strengths and what will be more difficult as this is one of your areas of development. These elements have an impact in how you use your energy.

Thus clarifying your strengths and weaknesses is the key to well-being and achieving what you want.

Here are a few questions to reflect on :

  • How can your strengths help you ? When could they present a problem?

  • How are you going to progress and perhaps overcome your weaknesses? 

  • How are you going to demonstrate to your boss and the main stakeholders that you are moving in the right direction?

Once you have answered these questions and defined your stakes, goals and priorities, you should be able to choose an area where you can produce concrete results that are recognized by others.

Learning how to use your energy and time takes some thought. Individual and team coaching enables taking a step back and reflecting on your feelings and thoughts in order to release the energy you need to achieve your desired results.

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