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Question 2 - How can I build a solid relationship with my boss, my team as well as my peers?

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The 6 major questions when taking on a new job and becoming a member of a management team

One of the most important elements to take into consideration in building a solid relationship is perception, as this has an impact on the way people act towards you. Thus, first impressions do count. Understanding how you want others to see you is important.

Your quest should be to show the stakeholders that you are both competent and agreeable, which will reinforce the desire for them to want to work with you. You need to build a positive relationship with each and every team member and identify what they bring and what they need to bring to enhance your activity’s success.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

-     How do you go about creating a positive relationship with the different stakeholders?

-     What is it that you need to demonstrate to gain their trust?

-     If you are taking on a role as a management team member, what is it that you would like to bring to your peers?

-     What are the stakes, difficulties and possible solutions?

The relational aspect is as important as understanding logically the situation.  

Your determination to reach the goal combined with flexibility and strong relational skills will help you to lead others where they need to be.

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