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Challenge 2 - Who brings what? Focus on the “who” and the “territory”

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The 7 major challenges to build a high performing team or group


Does every member clearly know what they bring and its importance to the system? Do others know what they bring and its importance to the system? Do they feel competent? Do others feel that they are competent?

The work we do with teams and groups surprises us sometimes because we often find that what people are supposed to bring is not always understood by each person nor the group. Sometimes the expertise of the person is not really known. As a result, the map of the territory is not very legible and the wealth of each specialist is not used in an optimal way.

We assist teams and groups in mapping out the territory and deciding how they want to shape a specific area. Together they evaluate what the added value is and what is unique about the people in the different parts of the territory by redefining their roles and responsibilities and the way of functioning of the system.

This work brings more coherence and allows for more effective collaboration between all the areas.



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