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Challenge 4 - Where are we going? Establish key factors for success

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The 7 major challenges to build a high performing team or group

Have we clearly indicated what we want as an outcome? Does it correspond to what we rationally and emotionally want?​

Without knowing where you are going, you have few chances of getting where you want to be.​

What we notice on a regular basis is that most people are used to being in a sailboat and do not necessarily know how to steer their boat. Thus the wind decides where they will be going. Taking charge of their destiny is not easy. It entails making a decision and putting together a plan to get there. When the realization of not being where they wanted to be surfaces, blame often become their best ally. ​

The coaching process assists the emergence of key factors for success. These enable us to measure and know if we got to where we wanted to go. Teams and groups co-construct the KFS together.

Once the desired outcomes have been determined, the group or team can start figuring out how they are going to get there.​



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