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Challenge 6 - How do we organize ourselves? Learn to work together

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The 7 major challenges to build a high performing team or group​

The team or group feels that they have enough information to start their collaboration. However, as they advance on the topics, they realize that certain things are not working and misunderstandings are arising. As a result, the goals they seek have not been accomplished. What we recognize is that most people and teams do not talk about how they are going to work together. They just start working together and run into misunderstandings as they go.​

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:​

- Do I take the time with the team or group to decide how we are going to work together?

- If I do, are we able to come to a consensus?​

- Do we actually do what we say we will do?​

- Do I share what I observe?​

- Do we make new commitments if necessary?​

Allowing teams and group members to share their way of working provides a better understanding between them and improves relationships and performance. An example of a way of working is: “We follow the plan until we realize that something has changed, we then talk about it and decide together what to do.”​



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