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Challenge 7 – Do I give feedback and enable others to develop?

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The 7 major challenges to build a high performing team or group 

Based on our experience it is rare that leaders, managers and project managers take the time to explicitly give positive and negative feedback to their team members. This presents a real problem as one of the major roles of a manager is to develop their team members.

A team member can only develop by receiving feedback from their manager or someone of authority to let them know explicitly what they did well and what they could do differently to get a better result. Without this information the team member continues to do the same thing and thus produces the same results. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do I take the time to give feedback quickly after the action takes place? 

  • What kind of posture and communication do I have while giving the feedback? 

  • Does the person know precisely what they did well and what they will do differently? 

In general, human beings have a tendency of seeking out people who give them positive feedback. Starting with what is positive enhances the capacity of the person to open up and ultimately receive what might be negative. 

If you want your teams or groups to open up and develop, take the time to give them feedback. This allows you to spend your time on essential tasks and them to become more self-confident and produce better quality work. 

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