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Challenge 5 - Does anyone have an objection? Dare to say what they want to say

“Your bi-monthly cup of insights”

The 7 major challenges to build a high performing team or group

In working with groups and teams we have learned that people are more effective when they say what they want to say in a way that can be received by the other person. Being assertive and sharing one’s own perception allows them to progress and increase their collective intelligence.

Here are a few questions we can ask ourselves in a given situation:

- Did I clearly describe the situation?

- Did I share how I felt?

- Did I express what I need?

When we do team and group coaching we enable others to open up and dare to say things. This openness and balance in the way of saying things allows the group or team to share new ideas, get synergies to flow and enhance fruitful, enjoyable and positive relationships.

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