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Your Bi-Monthly Cup of Insights

VAIL Executive coaching and leadership development’s mission is to enable individuals, teams and groups to boost their potential and reinforce their relational competencies and their effectiveness in order to achieve outstanding professional results.​

We are happy to announce that we will be sharing with you on a bi-weekly basis a series called:​

“Your bi-monthly cup of insights”

Our first topic will be the 7 major challenges of building effective teams or groups.​

It will be posted on Monday the 26th of June.​

Did you know that most teams are producing mediocre results?​

What we recognize is that people​

  • have difficulties listening to others and really understanding them​

  • have fear of speaking up​

  • feel that they are not competent

And we are not the only ones to recognize these difficulties.​

In 2012, Google conducted a study on the secrets of an effective team. Here are some of the needs people expressed:

  • I feel safe expressing divergent opinions to the team​

  • I feel competent and am good at navigating roadblocks and barriers​

  • I see myself as someone who is a reliable worker​

  • I am interested in other people’s problems​

Where is your team or group situated following this criteria?​



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